2016 Film Favorites

As 2016 is rapidly approaching its end, it’s time to take a step back and evaluate all the films seen this year. There were a lot of shitty films and a lot of really great ones. However, this post won’t be about the best films – it will be about my personal favourites, five of them to be more precise (because you have to draw a line somewhere, don’t you?). So let’s take a step down the memory lane in no particular order, shall we?

1.) Star Wars: The Force Awakens – I have never been a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise. I wasn’t born when the first films came out and the other three were a tad depressive for my taste. However, I had seen them all, so it seemed a natural step to go and have a look at the new episode. And I loved it! The plot and the protagonists sucked me in. You have no idea the time I have spent on the Internet reading various theories about this film – mostly Kylo Ren related. The next episode cannot come quickly enough.

2.) X-Men: Apocalypse – this one is on my list mostly due to the bromance between McAvoy and Fassbender and their characters, I believe that I have watched all possible youtube interviews with them. I had no expectations of this film (I don’t like superhero films as such), so I wasn’t disappointed. It was interesting and entertaining. And I really, really want another film just for the sake of Magneto’s father and son plot – I felt robbed of that in this one.

3.) Me Before You – is a living proof that you can take serious topics and make them into a light and positive film. This was one of the best romantic films in a loooong time. I wasn’t sure about the actors at first, I had my own idea of who should play whom, when reading the book, but they were great. All of them – I couldn’t have asked for a better cast. And the soundtrack – I loved every single song from the film. Such a sweet film, though I did have a tiny little cry in the end.

4.) Bridget Jones’s Baby – was my favourite rom-com of this year and I know what I’m saying – I went to see it four (!) times. I have a huge crush on Patrick Dempsey and Bridget and Mark’s storyline is one of the best ones there is. The film was adorable and funny – everything I keep missing in the majority of today’s romantic comedies.

5.) Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – I challenge you to find someone who has seen this film and didn’t like it. I’m serious! It’s impossible to dislike it. Even if you don’t enjoy the plot, the beasts are too adorable and cute not to like. And the film is funny and allows you to return to the land of Harry Potter. The best part? There are four more films to go. Yay!

So here are my Top 5 films of 2016. Which films did you enjoy the most this year? Please share in case I have missed something great. Anyway – put on some cosy clothes and your favourite film and have a relaxing evening. It’s Christmas after all. Have a merry one!