Westworld (2016)

Westworld is very confusing, but also very very interesting. It’s definitely not a show that you can put on in the background while doing other things, you have to follow it carefully; otherwise, you’ll get lost.

I’m not a fan of science fiction, there are only a few science fiction stories that I have enjoyed and also those have only had a few elements of sci-fi. What I look for in films and TV shows are human relations – what makes us tick and act the way we do, and these are rarely the main points of science fiction. However, Westworld surprised me. Its main focus is people (real or not real – that’s a different question), their action and behaviour.

Westworld also makes us think, at least it did that to me. For instance, about our reality – perhaps we are like these hosts – only here for the pleasure of some other civilization. Or, perhaps, in a few years the science will be able to provide these kinds of alternative realities for us. A fancier version of The Sims. So if you have a spare moment, find a quiet place and put on Westworld – even if the show won’t be to your taste, it will make you think and that’s a lot to ask of television.