Conviction (2016)

What I like about Conviction is the fact that it has a potential. The show doesn’t seem to have the most original concept and there’s no wow moment during the first episode (which is quite meek, to be honest), but it gives a few reasons to at least take a peek into the next episodes.

Firstly, the supporting characters are an interesting bunch. Each of them has a backstory and a drive for their future actions. Secondly, the main protagonist – Hayes, is perhaps the strongest female protagonist I have seen in the new shows this autumn. She has many flaws, but still appears a badass (reminded me a lot of Olivia Pope, but without the constant love torment). Thirdly,  finally (finally!) there’s a sexual tension between the characters. And I hope they will develop it into a good plotline. Do you hear me, writers? I’m counting on that! And, lastly, the soundtrack seems promising, which is important.

All in all, I have high hopes for Conviction. It has everything to become a great show – the cast, the plot, the characters and the music. I guess now we just have to wait and see where the show leads. Fingers crossed!