This Is Us (2016)

This Is Us is an extremely sweet show, I totally get the buzz that it has created, but somehow it didn’t manage to grab my attention. Each year we are so overloaded with new TV shows that it’s completely impossible to follow them all, so only the ones that I really like (based on the first episode) go to the follow pile, and this one didn’t get there.

The strange thing is that there is nothing bad that I can say about this show. It’s sweet and emotional – I did have tears in my eyes at least on two occasions. The cast is great. The music is amazing – I might keep track of the songs played on the show, despite not following the show itself.

I guess that this is an example of the fact that tastes differ and one show cannot please everyone, no matter how great it is. For me – the first episode has to end on a cliffhanger, it has to provide a kind of suspense and make me curious enough to watch the next one. However, the first episode of this show seemed to provide a completely clear ending, to be honest, I’m not sure where the show can go from here. It was like a lovely short film that can be left as it is.