Tutankhamun (2016)

Tutankhamun¬†takes you on a treasure hunt and it’s a treasure of this year’s television. Actually, the first new show I have been properly excited about. Go and watch it! Now!

I don’t even know what I liked the best about it. Firstly, the plot was easy to follow – already during the first few minutes it was clear who’s who and what they are doing. That’s a huge bonus – I hate it when it takes episodes to even distinguish between the characters. Secondly, it’s set in Egypt. And Egypt is a magical place, especially up until the first half of the 20th century – it’s amazing to watch how the Europeans and the Americans tried to mold it according to their standards; while, still enjoying the Egyptian traditions. Thirdly, it’s about archaeological discoveries and it’s exciting and thrilling; in addition, add the World War I to the mix for those not interested in tombs. Fourthly, the actors and the characters. I especially liked Maggie – she’s an independent woman in a time where women were still seen as an accessory to men – these kinds of female characters have always been my favourite.

Ah, I don’t know what else to add – I hope you are able to feel my enthusiasm!¬†Tutankhamun is educational, entertaining, exciting and extremely interesting. Please go and see for yourselves!