Medici: Masters of Florence (2016)

I’m a firm believer in the fact that you have to give historical TV shows time to grow on you. They are about real people and despite their extraordinariness, they will never be able to provide as much suspense and action as films and shows which are purely fictional. Hence, I will give Medici: Masters of Florence another chance to fill the void left in my life by The Tudors. 

The show is very promising. Medici was a powerful dynasty, so a lot of drama should be involved – meaning that the writers hopefully won’t need to think of any unnecessary means to advance the plot. Also, the casting is quite a pleasant surprise including, for instance, Richard Madden.

What I didn’t like about the first episode were flashbacks (again!). The show takes time in the present days (that is – the 15th century present days) and 20 years in the past. And it’s terribly confusing! For me it’s quite hard to distinguish the male cast members in historical shows; add a few flashbacks and it becomes almost impossible – they all look the same! Secondly, the actors do not seem to age. Madden’s character looks the same in the present and those 20 years ago except for a shorter haircut and his wife looks exactly the same. It’s all nice and believable in the 21st cetury with the army of plastic surgeons we’re having, but, come on (!), people did age back in the 15th century.

However, as I already said – I will try to watch a couple more episodes before deciding whether I like this show or not. Historical and period dramas are my kryptonite and Medici has a huge potential to become an amazing show. Fingers crossed!

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