Logan (2017)

I was already warned that Logan will be a very violent film; however, I wasn’t prepared for the actual level of violence. It was way (way) too much for me. And not just the blood and torture and murder, I have seen all of that in films before and I am more or less okay with it, but the main thing I disliked about Logan was how heavy and depressing it felt.

I am not a fan of these superhero films, I guess I should have started with that; nevertheless, in most cases they are a great way to escape reality for a world far more exciting than ours. So it has to be interesting and above all – it has to be light. And Logan was the exact opposite.

First of all, I don’t fancy films set in future (and Logan takes place in 2030s), since futuristic simply isn’t my thing. Secondly, I don’t like violence simply for the sake of violence – we don’t live in a fairytale world and bad things happen, but what’s the point of ten minutes of massacre if it doesn’t do anything for the plot? I guess nothing sells a film or a TV show better than unnecessary nudity and violence. What a time to be alive, right? But most of all – I don’t like films showing the end of the protagonists who are still alive and kicking in films to come. And what about the lost and found child plotline again? Didn’t they just use it in the previous X-Men film with Eric? I know that in the universe of these films time is a relative concept and future can be changed in a blink of an eye (e.g. X-Men: Days of Future Past), but still.

I know that people seem to like this film, and probably it is a great send-off for dear old Hugh, but I left the cinema with a heavy heart – and that’s not what a film should do. However, I’m curious how they will introduce the new Wolverine.


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