The Crown (2016)

Am I the only one who feels a bit strange watching a film or a TV show about real people who are still alive? When an important person dies, he or she becomes a part of history; however, while they’re still living – shouldn’t their lives belong to themselves? That’s the only thing that made me question watching The Crown – in any other way this show appears to be a masterpiece.

Actually, The Crown took me by surprise – I hadn’t expected to like it. I have never been particularly interested in Queen Elizabeth II, so why should I enjoy a show about her. My mistake. Claire Foy seems to be a brilliant Elizabeth. Her acting is so real and raw that it is hard not to like her character. I have my doubts about Matt Smith’s Philip. He is a bit creepy, but at the same time, oh, my goodness, he can be so charming. I wonder which side of him will prevail.

The Crown reminds me of Downton Abbey – it allows us to take a peak into a time long gone; while, showing that the drama of human life doesn’t really change no matter the century or the class or wealth of people. Perfect guilty pleasure disguised as a historically educational program.

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