Bull (2016)

Let me sum up Bull for you. The main protagonist is a part of a team that deals with legal cases. He reads people and their behaviour in order to manipulate them. He tends to disregard rules. What an original concept, right? Wrong!

I am sure that everyone can think of a TV show with a similar plot. For me it was the carbon copy of The Mentalist. Hell, the main protagonist even looks and dresses like Simon Baker’s Patrick Jane. However, this show definitely doesn’t live up to its predecessors. First of all, the main actor simply isn’t that good. No disrespect to Michael Weatherly  (who, by the way, is quite pleasing to the eye), but his character simply isn’t as charming as Patrick Jane. Secondly, there are no backstories for the main protagonists (at least during the first episode), nothing to make us care for them. Thirdly, while the majority of these shows tend to focus on catching the bad guys, Bull seems to be about them going free and without punishment. Yes, the episode did end with arresting the culprit; however, that’s not the main aim of the show. And I simply cannot feel sorry for an arrogant rich boy, no matter the sob stories in the end. Perhaps I simply don’t have a heart, who knows…

All in all, this show is watchable. But not worth the time – there are much better shows out there.