A Wish for Christmas (2016)

Nothing says Christmas is coming better than a Hallmark Christmas film; hence, A Wish for Christmas was on my list. More will probably follow, sorry! What can I say – Christmas time is the perfect time for cheesy rom-coms with a sprinkle of holiday magic.

There most probably is no need to add that this film is not a wow film that you will remember for years to come. But it’s light and romantic, and a bit funny, with beautiful cast members (I usually select my Hallmark films based on the hotness of the male lead – this one was quite cute). What I like about Hallmark Christmas films is that they really get you in the holiday spirit. With their decorations, storybook-like villages and heaps of snow, they allow the viewer to believe in magic and the power of love.

Sure, the plot was a bit unreal – when on a business trip your boss tries to hit on you (no matter how handsome he is), it might count as sexual harassment. Also, there were parts that were over the top cheesy.

But, hey, Hallmark is Hallmark so I knew what I was getting in to. They use the same plot patterns every year, and for some reason they seem to work – I’m a living proof of that.